Leaping into the unknown

My heart leaps at the unmistakable sound of your presence in my inbox. I stare at my phone screen in perpetual disappointment as I realise it is just another email about one more Amazon purchase by the kids. I take the dog for a walk and let the gentle chords of my ‘Hot Acoustic’ playlist transport my mind out of my hopeless impatience, but the phone is playing games with my head once again. I hear the little sound, the eagerly awaited sound that enthuses my spirit at the thought of it being you, letting me know that you remember I exist; that you care and fear for the precipice I find myself standing on the edge of; that you are grateful for my words, my thoughts, my prayers at the news of your own precipice; that you are fully conscious of the fact that thousands of miles cannot keep us apart because I now carry you in my heart and you walk with mine.

I place my phone back in my pocket, disheartened, disillusioned at my own naivety for thinking that I would rate that high on your list of priorities; rank that privileged a position in your affections.  Did I read your words right or was it wishful thinking? Did our souls supernaturally connect and instantly fuse like timber and flame? Did you sense it too, that familiarity of total strangers as if we had shared a lifetime in a different life?

Words are like missiles that perforate the heart irreparably, beyond recognition. The moment they hit you, everything changes and no matter how one tries to retain the old self, it is not there. The metamorphosis has taken place. It is impossible to pick up where you left off because that person has vanished, gone up in the smoke of impact between two souls that though foreign to each other, have entered a perfect dance of seamless intuition, empathy and telepathy. The harmony is such; the comfort in each other’s presence so undeniable, it proves impossible to let go even when the music stops playing. I hang on for dear life, because I know this encounter is extraordinary, perhaps unique. If I cannot hold on to you, let me at least hold on to the memory of you; to your spirit which is more present within me than the words you wrote to me.

I am struggling to get on with my daily grind because I am addicted to that dance; that harmonious exchange of non-judgemental, undiluted goodness and understanding. It is so rare to find a person today with enough humility that all they see is the good in you; they only see the intention, never the mistake. There is such purity, such integrity in a heart like that, hardly seen these dark days of social media frenzy and perpetual witch-hunts. Is it possible to trust someone you barely know more fully than someone you have known most of your life? What is there in that dimension we do not see that can feel so much more real than the things and the people we can hear, see and touch? Is it an illusion of the needy mind or a golden snippet of what we are capable of when we believe there is more to life than this?

12 thoughts on “Leaping into the unknown

  1. Doug

    I’ve been looking forward to your next blog, your honest writing is wonderful. What a great Saturday night to find you’ve written! I hope your phone makes a noise soon to tell you the person has been in touch, and they really are who you think/hope they might be…. and that there was no illusion. I’m optimistic on your behalf.

    I’m already looking forward to your next post, I hope it’s a joyous one!

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  2. jdgreysonwrites

    This captured every essence of an experience I had. And as fast as it came, it disappeared from my life without explanation. I often question my perception, whether I am crazy. Yet, seeing your words & knowing another soul has experienced the same is enough to help quiet my mind.

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    1. Hi there. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment. It was very kind of you having already left me a comment on twitter. I love the comments here because as much as I love writing, it is the conversations that start as a result that I find really edifying and interesting.
      I trust my perception. I am quite an intuitive person. Having said that I have got it very, very wrong on occasion, but I tend to get it right for the most part.
      In this particular case, the impression in my spirit is that this is not the end, just an interval.


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